Due to this loss in nutrition, we recommend consuming your Soylent before either the … You do not need refrigeration to maintain the nutrient density. They are easy to store and even easier to prepare and consume. powder_1-7_nutrition_facts-01.png (80 KB) Related articles. For this option you would need access to fresh water in order to mix the Powder with water to prepare. Our cells need vitamins and minerals to get through the day. The newest addition to the Soylent family. This is how the company started and tens and thousands of people consume Soylent for the majority of their calories every day. It is possible to purchase vitamins with a terribly long shelf life though, and I too was surprised by the relatively short shelf life of this product. Food safety and quality are important to us. Two years sounds about right, based on multivitamins I’ve bought in the past. A carbohydrate that does not raise blood glucose or insulin levels and moderates our insulin response to other carbs. Each bottle of Soylent drink contains all of the 39 essential nutrients recommended by the FDA. If you receive a product with less than a two-month shelf life, please see our policy here. Sure, it's low in sugar (1g per serving) and provides a good source of dietary fiber to aid digestion. Steady, sustained energy, without heavy spikes in blood sugar. Plus soy packs in loads of protein. I would argue that two years isn’t very short for a product with perishable contents. What is the cheapest Soylent option to buy in bulk? And we make sure to include nutrients that many of us don’t get enough of - like Vitamin A, D, magnesium, iron, and choline. Soylent drinks have 39 essential nutrients so you don’t have to think about nutrition. Login. However, anytime you are switching to a full liquid diet for any significant amount of time, your digestive system may go through a transition period, so if you are able to include some foods that you chew or provide additional fiber your transition period may be a little easier. But it's not just all about nutrition; Our soy protein has a neutral flavor and creamy texture -- it's not gritty or chalky, like pea or rice protein. Yes they are completely sealed. No animals are harmed when its comes to Soylent, and who wouldn't moo to that? Soylent FAQ and help center. Soylent's PUFA powerhouses include the omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid, or ALA.  Our plant-based fats are free of trans fatty acids, and are widely studied for their health benefits. I’m not a chemist). These are some of the most popular questions we have received over the past few weeks, but if you have additional questions please feel free to reach out via our social media channels or email info@Soylent.com and we will be happy to answer as quickly as possible. If you did not want to rely on access to water our least expense ready-to-drink product is our Original flavor which currently costs $2.69/ meal with a subscription or $2.83 without. The bags appear to be mylar though, and if so they are often used by ‘preppers’ for long-term storage.

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